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But they can be formidable too, remember it has a Cardinal Quality giving great powers of leadership. People born under this sign are often marvellous managers of resources, and can make brilliant Chief Executive Officers. Their wisdom in such situations comes from being both pragmatic and able to blend together a group of people who will work with loyalty and application.

Cancer people can also make excellent carers, therapists and counsellors, for their natural sensitivity and ability to tune into people can see them anticipate how people feel before they even express it. This is however where Cancers can run into trouble, because sometimes they can be so wrong in their judgement of situations and can be incredibly subjective.

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Challenge a Cancer and they find it hard and can be irritable and defensive and can show great anger when roused. This is where natural sensitivity is replaced by a great deal of force. However generally, Cancer's are conciliatory in their approach to life, recognising that consensus provides greater long term momentum than any other energy. In , Dwight D.

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Eisenhower was inaugurated into his second term as president. Like the upcoming chart of the inauguration, the chart of the ceremony had Jupiter in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th and 8th houses respectively. That chart was much more volatile than the one, having an out of sect Mars rising, square both the midheaven and the Sun. The plot twist being that Russia has successfully hacked the American election, much like America has done as a ritual of foreign policy for decades. The years saw the murder of Emmett Till and images of his bashed in head on the front of northern newspapers, the strategic Montgomery Bus Boycott, and an historic attempt to enforce the Brown v Board of Education ruling in Little Rock Arkansas.

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Now we have the murder of Trayvon Martin setting off ongoing organizing, protests, and demands for the dismantling of systemic racism and oppression. The US had not yet entered into combat in the Vietnam war, but the insurgency into South Vietnam had begun. The Cold War was in full effect. And now, here we are in fighting another proxy war in Syria and Ukraine. The direct and deliberate interference of Russia in the American election process, in order to effect the outcome in favor of Trump has illuminated and accelerated cyber-warfare, battles which could bloom into all out war by when we have the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

This is effectively be Cold War II. The inauguration chart for has the traditional significations for war. As well as astrological configurations that were present in past inauguration charts where war was imminent. Whether civil or foreign. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Disclaimer Although I have been studying astrology for about 13 years, this is my first exploration of mundane astrology. Planetary Patterns and the US Presidential Inaugurations The Significators Because it is always on the same date and time, Aries is always rising and the Sun is always in the 10th house with the exception of the inauguration chart, which had Pisces rising due to Eastern War time zone. Jupiter seems to move between signs in the same element, returning to the same sign every 12 years, or every 3rd inauguration.

Jupiter was in Aries, Sagittarius, or Virgo in the January 20 inauguration charts from to Because Virgo is a sign of long ascension, we get more inauguration charts with Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter has been travelling through the trigon of earth signs since Inauguration Day of will be the last time we have an inauguration chart with Jupiter in Virgo for some time.

Mars goes through the signs in order, proceeding each subsequent inauguration. But, it skips 3 signs. Mars has never been in Taurus, Cancer, or Leo since inauguration day was changed to January 20, first occurring on that date in In any case, Mars is the planet whose position varies the most, following the Moon and then Saturn. Venus alternates between Aquarius and Sagittarius. As a matter of fact, it returns to the same degree of Aquarius every other inauguration, the 23rd degree.

Mercury goes back and forth between Capricorn and Sagittarius. From what I can tell, Mercury repeats the same sign before or after an inauguration year where it was retrograde. The Moon visits every sign, alternating between opposing signs until it gets to the end of a sign, then jumping to the next set of opposing signs. It stays in one set of opposing signs for 3 inaugurations before moving to the next set. In , the Moon was in Aries, it will be in Libra, and then in Aries again in Astrology is as much an art as it is a science.

And like all bodies of knowledge subjective. And affected by the environment and the culture in which it is practiced. So by all means check out your zodiac. And to also include other modalities like human design, the tarot and plant based medicine if you really want to get the big picture. Otherwise with astrology you will only be getting at best less than half the answer. I think this is what Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is trying to get through to us. Know your limitations. Have the courage to look into the shadows of your own belief systems. Including the stories you tell yourself about who you really are.

And what it is you are doing exactly. Astrology like everything has its blind spots and it would be nice to hear more astrologers investigate and talk about what those were. Which can only be done by stepping outside astrology. Seeing it from a distance.

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And putting it into a broader political, cultural and anthropological context. Yes, I agree with this quest for analysis of our belief structures and how they inform and create our societies. For instance, I wonder what our world would now look like if we had collectively chosen in the Anglo-American postwar era to politically employ the dark duality of Pisces as a vehicle of engaged empathy in the suffering of others, rather than indulge in using the knowledge of the vulnerabilities of others in a dirty destructive material progressivist war set within a winner v loser paradigm: the latter abuse of human power simply transforming the entire world into a virtual degrading prison for all of us.

Excellent comment! All these modalities afford an exercise in exploring the manner in which we frame our perceptions — how we nuance the context of our lives. I really enjoyed this particular article — another colour on the palette with which I may bring vibrancy or contrast to the composition of my consciousness. He tries to explain cosmic verities through the lens of astrology, which is tough to do.

And, he manages to give each person reading a little bit of homework to do, and make a positive effort on their own behalf.

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Nice going. Great article! I liked how you came up with examples you worked on your own. Most astrologers online just search a celebrity database and put a meaningless list o names. The doomish and the sugarcoating analysis are not astrology. I woke up today feeling that I am completely lost in life, and that everything I am doing is pointless. Your article helped me to recall the connections to other years of my life. Well, I did finish college and some grad school degrees since then.. But still, your article reminded me about all my planets in libra… yeah wannabe astrologers like me are like that, they always forget to check squares, always focused on conjunctions and oppositions….

But if I may say something personal, I have all outers conjunct to inners, except sun and moon conjunct in scorpio, and in my life, somehow, all outers are totally personal! My natal venus is in 4 Libra, conjunct pluto in 3 Libra. Thank you very much Patrick. And I can now seriously freak out. Joking aside, I have Jupiter in Cancer at 24 degrees so it will be…. Take care x. In all honesty… I have this aspect in the septile, even though it is not in the conjunction. I feel the effects. Understanding my asc. The first thing that I was struggling with is transportation.